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an excerpt from Nelson Pereira dos Santos’ Rio, Zona Norte

Janet Malcolm, The Art of Nonfiction No. 4

“Perhaps even stronger than the room’s aura of commanding originality is its sense of absences, its evocation of all the things that have been excluded, have been found wanting, have failed to capture the interest of Rosalind Krauss—which are most of the things in the world, the things of ‘good taste’ and fashion and consumerism, the things we see in stores and in one another’s houses. No one can leave this loft without feeling a little rebuked: one’s own house suddenly seems cluttered, inchoate, banal.” – Janet Malcolm

Interviewed by Katie Roiphe

Though I will make the trip up the elevator to Janet Malcolm’s stately town- house apartment, overlooking Gramercy Park, three times in the course of this unusual interview, the substance of our exchange will take place by e-mail, over three and a half months.

The reason for this is that Janet Malcolm is more naturally the describer than the described. It is nearly impossible to imagine the masterful interviewer chatting unguardedly into a tape recorder, and indeed she prefers not to imagine it. She has agreed to do the interview but only by e-mail: in this way she has politely refused the role of subject and reverted to the more comfortable role of writer. She will be writing her answers—and, to be honest, tinkering gently with the phrasing of some of my questions.

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manhattan bridge

three raptures


Worlds Collide in a Luxury Suite

Some Thoughts on the IMF, Global Injustice, and a Stranger on a Train
By Rebecca Solnit

How can I tell a story we already know too well? Her name was Africa. His was France. He colonized her, exploited her, silenced her, and even decades after it was supposed to have ended, still acted with a high hand in resolving her affairs in places like Côte d’Ivoire, a name she had been given because of her export products, not her own identity.

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password is mars

international bridge

password is mars

The Detainee Abuse Task Force

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